A Note to Parents

January 29, 2010


Dear Parents/Guardians:


Now that our school year is nearly halfway completed, I would like to touch base with you regarding your child’s participation in the orchestra.  We’ve had a very good year so far, and the orchestra shows a lot of promise.  I am very proud of all of the students and the progress they have made. 


Keep in mind that the beginning of the year had the excitement of a new instrument and a new activity.  Then came the excitement of being able to perform that first tune, followed by the thrill of public performance complete with lots of applause and proud parents.  Now that all of that is gone, we have settled back into the routine of learning to develop new technical skills.  Don’t be surprised if your child experiences some decrease in interest during this time.  It is completely normal.  However, with your continued support and encouragement, we can overcome any decline in enthusiasm and reach for the next performance level.


Your child may need extra encouragement during the next few weeks to continue good practice habits and performance in class.  Home practice is important to build coordination and skill.  A recommended amount of time would be 20-25 minutes daily.  Material to be practiced will be presented at each lesson.  These are the formative years and how he/she handles situations now can determine the way he/she approaches every aspect of life.  Though the requirements for learning an instrument often demand high level of personal discipline, it is this same discipline which will be applied as a habit to all tasks in life, especially his/her academic success right now.  A child must learn that long range benefits of a task only come from long range commitment and dedication.


Please feel free to contact me at your child’s school if you have any questions or concerns.  I am anxious to do all I can to assist you in the successful development of your child’s abilities.




Joe Tovar

Orchestra Director